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Natural Shades, like their name implies, make use of the abundant natural elements. Made from a variety of renewable raw materials like bamboo, wood, jute, and other grasses, these shades provide your home with excellent natural light coverage. Blinds brings a wide range of natural blinds at affordable prices, giving your windows the ultimate protection and stunning looks.

Bamboo Blinds

  • To protect from water beating in with the wind for patios, veranda, balcony openings, open lobby and restaurant areas.

  • The benefit of protection while keeping the outdoor view unobstructed (with finest natural bamboo , and TROY nylon form japan).

  • Provides protection from sunlight, dust, and other external factors.

  • They complement any of your existing furnishings and furniture.

Rattan Blinds

  • As a stylish and beautiful blind for your living room.


  • To protect displays of your showroom from harsh sunlight


  • As an exterior/interior roller blind for protection from harsh sunlight.


  • To prevent irritating glare at your office space.

So these window coverings are perfect for any of the large windows of your living rooms or study rooms as they offer a good amount of illumination along with privacy. If you’re looking to enhance your windows with a unique, natural look, then look no further than our Natural Shades, available for you at an affordable range.

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